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Gabrielle Perelmuter       Aug 22, 2017

Im Running again!!!

After two years of not being able to run due to a few ankle sprains, Dr. F worked with me weekly to slowly regulate and balance out my body/alignment. He is a wonderful resource for alternative medicines and a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend to all!!

Customer since August 2016

Sherri Parks                    Jul 19, 2017

Measurable improvement

After an adjustment I walk out feeling six inches taller and ten pounds lighter! Honestly, once I measure myself after the appointment and I was 1/4 inch taller than that morning! It's the absolute best counter attack for aging!

Customer since January 2010

Scott J                                Jul 18, 2017

Nothing But Praise

I have been seeing Dr Ferguson for issues related to two road biking accidents and without his help and expertise I know for a fact my recovery would be nowhere near where it is today.

Customer since September 2013

Travis Peitz                     Mar 11, 2017


After 12 years of different Chiropractors in multiple different cities, I finally found the only Chiropractor I will see now and in the future. Been going to see Dr. Ferguson for a few years now and he always get me back to neutral. Highly recommend this man!!!

Customer since July 2013

Stephanie J                    Feb 22, 2017

Dr. Ferguson is the best!

I have been going to doctor Ferguson for a couple years now. He's helped with basic alignments and also throughout my pregnancy. When the ob gyn told me I would have to live with back and hip pain, Dr. Ferguson was able to adjust me and prove them wrong and made my pregnancy comfortable.

Customer since August 2012

Adam Morrison          Jan 20, 2017

Keeps getting better!

Doctor F is the bomb...he relieved the chronic neck, low back and sacral pain I've been struggling with lickety-split in 30 minutes! Thanks Doc!

Customer since September 2009

Diane M               Jan 11, 2017

Great Chiro & Massage Therapy!

I love how Dr Aaron works in conjunction with his massage therapists and offers both services. The level of expertise in both categories is superb, especially with Lars!! Superb body work!!

Customer since September 2016

Jonathan D                    Jan 7, 2017

Exceptional care

Dr. Ferguson is amazing. Each visit, he does something slightly different, depending on what he senses my body needs that day. He's kind, compassionate, personable, professional, and incredibly knowledgable about the human body. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wishes to take preventative care of their body.

Customer since April 2010

Steven K                Dec 16, 2016

One of the best ever!

I've been to a lot of chiropractors over the years, but Dr. Ferguson is one of the best and a gifted healer. In just a couple of months my chronic back pain and weakness has gone away! Awesome doesn't describe what a relief this is! Thanks Dr. Ferguson!!

Customer since August 2016

Scott J                 Dec 15, 2016

Aaron Has Been Amazing

I have had the misfortune of being involved in two road bike accidents over the past couple years and prior to that a bout of sciatica. Aaron's no nonsense approach and guidance has been instrumental in my various recoveries and I have experienced great results (no more pain, etc...). I was always a long time skeptic of chiro but Aaron has proved me wrong and has yielded far better results than my work with PTs and the CPMC hand clinic.

Customer since September 2013


A.W.                   Oct 12, 2016

Great results!

Last week I saw Dr. Ferguson for a general adjustment and then he also worked on my "runner's knees". I have had them for quite a while and they caused me pain going up and down stairs. He used the Graston Technique and the results have been amazing! I can't wait to go back for a second treatment.

Customer since December 2013

P.M.                        Sep 17, 2016

This is the best!

Dr. Ferguson is always kind and considerate and, most importantly, effective. His knowledge is impressive and he moves quickly from diagnosis to treatment. I highly recommend him for all your aches and pains. He's changed my life.

Customer since January 2013


Steven K          Aug 31, 2016

Great and comprehensive care!

I just had my initial consultation and treatment with Dr. Ferguson... and the experience was excellent. In addition to attending to structural issues, Aaron spent time ensuring I knew about how nutrition, movement, work related activities and mindset also played a role in my presenting issue. 

 Its wonderful when a practitioner takes time to treat me as a whole person!!

Customer since August 2016

Josh O                   Aug 14, 2016

Great practice with an informed touch.

Dr. Aaron did a great job making my first trip to the chiropractor a breeze after waking up with a stiff back. It helps that he has a background in surfing and I felt like he immediately understood what was going on and how to not only adjust me, but what to do to prevent it from happening in the future. I'll definitely be back!

Customer since August 2016

Nicolas Villarreal            Jul 13, 2016


Excellent service my back was killing me adter the visit i feel like new aaron takes care if his patients. Ten years of visits is being worth it

Customer since July 2016

Neha A                    Mar 8, 2016

Literally life changing!!

I went to Dr.Ferguson a skeptic of this whole "chiropractory thing" three years ago when I could not even turn my neck. At the time I would try anything and didn't want to get on a cycle of pain killers and found him through extensive Yelp research. I now see him as often as possible. He restores mobility, works on my trouble spots, uses new techniques constantly and always provides incredible relief. He is an expert at his field and such a great human too- always fun to visit him.

Customer since December 2012

Matthew Gardner


Feb 3, 2016

Always "gets it".

I've been a patient of Dr. Ferguson's for about 7 years. Like a lot of people who get to be "of a certain age" life does not come without a few aches and pains from old injuries. and illnesses. Dr. Ferguson has an uncanny ability to zero right in on what the problem is and goes in for the fix. As well, he is a wonderful font of knowledge about health in general, and always has great suggestions. Several people from my company visit Chirocare; I would not hesitate to recommend anyone.

Customer since June 2009

 Gabrielle Perelmuter        Aug 22, 2017

The only thing that works

Dr. Ferguson is in a word - AMAZING! I have been to other chiropractors before, but none of them as skilled, targeted and through as him. I HIGHLY recommend him for not only targeted, but preventative work. His ability to find and free up areas that I didn't even realize were strained or tight is incredible! I can't see anyone bu Dr. Ferguson, he's set a high bar.

Customer since July 2012

Tracy C


Jan 16, 2016

Always Provides Relief

I see Dr. Ferguson for relief from severe back pain I usually experience after long runs. I wake up unable to move my neck and have pain down my spine. Every time this occurs, Dr. Ferguson is able to provide great relief. I am convinced that if it weren't for him, the pain would last 3-4 times longer. I am extremely grateful for his knowledge and skill!

Customer since July 2015

Laura Aleo


Jan 7, 2016

changed my life.

I love going to Dr. F because I trust him and I leave not only feeling WAY better, I have an understanding of what is actually happening with my body and tools that I can utilize on my own to heal. I feel empowered to make a difference in my body/health by doing simple exercises he suggests. I appreciate his holistic approach.

Customer since November 2013

Sherri Parks          Dec 25, 2015

Totally Catered Care

My jobs have run the gamut from horse barns to medical coding, with the associated varied problems, and Dr. Fergusen has been able to treat them all. Every time I leave the office I feel better, longer, lighter and more balanced. Mo matter what I do I know he can get me back in alignment. I can't even imagine going any where else.

Customer since January 2010

S.F.                    Dec 8, 2015


Aaron is not only excellent but has a great sense of humor!!! Don't wait, just go, you can trust him. You will feel better in no time.

Customer since July 2015

Alisa Quint                      Sep 16, 2015

Back and Neck Pain

Dr. Fergusson is amazing at diagnosing how to relieve you of your pain.

 He really knows what technique to use to get to the spots and work on them.

 He is also a great nutritionist and life style advisor.

 I always feel so much better after a cathartic visit.

Customer since May 2009

Rebecca Schumacher          Sep 12, 2015

Awesome as always

Dr. Ferguson has been solving my chiropractic challenges for several years now. He continues to be amazingly effective and accommodating. This time my neck was totally frozen and I walked out of there completely well. I can't say enough and praise and appreciation for his work. And he's a good person too.

Customer since June 2009

M.S.          Sep 10, 2015


This is the first time I ever had a professional massage me.I was involved in a car accident and received a massage from Alexis at chirocare. She knows her stuff and does a excellent job.... I recommend this facility ... 10 stars

Customer since September 2015

Toi Hayes                    Sep 10, 2013

It only gets better

Consistently wonderful and generous with resources that really help. Truly the best! My family and I will not go anywhere else. As long as Dr. Ferguson is working, we will loyally support him.

Customer since April 2013

Raeeka Yaghmai               Aug 22, 2013

Dr. Fergusson's expertise

Dr. Fergusson is an excellent chiropractic doctor that combines his scientific knowledge of the body with his intuition for what works best for the client as well as his vast knowledge of nutrition and sports. I have had severe body pain and he is always helped me feel X10 times better. 


 I recomend Dr. Fergusson highly.


 Raeeka Yaghmai, 

 Certified ICF Life coach and Opera Singer

Customer since May 2009

Dominique L          Aug 14, 2013

Back pain relief: awesome!

I have known Dr. Ferguson for some years and each and every time he has been the most amazing Doc! Thank you Aaron!

 After a grueling ordeal with a broken ankle, he put me back on feet! Then I suffered from a severe back pain, one session and I am on my way enjoying life. I highly recommend him, the best.


Customer since April 2012

Travis P              Jul 15, 2013

First Visit

Friday was my first trip to a Chiropractor in almost 2 years and was much needed. Dr. Ferguson doesn't adjust your spine and send you out the door. He makes a point to understand the issue, communicate the fix and implement the changes to solve the issue.


 Felt much better immediately and will be back soon!

Customer since July 2013

jeff schlarb                  Apr 16, 2013

feedback, ChiroCare

Dr. Ferguson is always a welcome relief to my over-used back. Thanks, I feel better every time I visit.

Customer since June 2009

Ralph vonder haar              Apr 16, 2013

excellent treatment

Dr. Aaron does real good work. He listens attentively and then provides effective adjustments. He also gave me good advise on how to prevent more problems.

Customer since March 2012

Toi Hayes                    Apr 11, 2013

Big results in short time

Dr. Aaron is insightful and generous with knowledge and skill. Not only did he improve my range of motion, headaches and posture after only two sessions; he taught me good habits to help prevent me returning to the state of "lliving with pain". HE IS REALLY the BEST. Thank you for increasing the quality of my life. Im so grateful

Customer since April 2013

Sherri Parks                  Apr 10, 2013

Tailored Attention

What I find unique about Dr. Ferguson is that he always pays attention to variations on what you need and is always ready with specific solutions to different problems, including homeopathic advice

Customer since January 2010

Viktoriya Zakharova


Mar 20, 2013

Aaron is absolutely the best!!! He fixes my entire family

He fixes it all: sinus, headache, back problems and joints! I always feel like new when I leave Chiro

Customer since November 2011

Stephanie L               Dec 1, 2012

Best chiro in SF

We've tried lots of Chriros in downtown SF.. Just didn't work out and we've foun our saving grace. Aaron ferguson is the best chiro in SF

Customer since August 2012

Travis M      Oct 1, 2012

Aaron is the best.

I have never had a chiropractor who does what he does... energy balance, physical therapy, and structural adjustment all in one!

Customer since May 2012

Zulfie Hai       Sep 7, 2012

Adjustment Appt

Whenver I have pain or just need to have an adjustment, Dr F. sees me whenever I pretty much walk in. He has a great open door policy and if he can't squeeze me in right away, he will make an appt to see me real soon. Always courteous and professional.

Customer since October 2009

Dominique L           Aug 31, 2012


Dr. Aaron is the most amazing Doc! Dedicated to the patient and believe me Dr. Ferguson knows how to put you back on your feet! Fantastic!

 I highly recommend him.



Customer since April 2012

K.P.               Aug 28, 2012

Best care I have ever had

Ferguson takes his time and makes sure you feel better when you go. Previous doctors I have experienced will spend 5 minutes warming the back, then the next 5 cracking what they think is best. Its a routine. I will liken Ferguson to a phsyical therapist/chiropractor/miracle worker. He seems to care more about the patient than whether you will be a reference or buy a long-term package from him. It is refreshing!

Customer since August 2012

Yuppp     Aug 9, 2012

Fergy Rock's!

Dr. Ferguson helped me lose (for real) 15pds through chiro adjustments and vitamin regiment!


 He is my health guru for sure!

Customer since October 2011

S.P.                    Aug 6, 2012

Continued Satisfaction

The more I visit Dr. Ferguson the more I am determined to continue. Although he knows my body and its stresses, challenges and difficulties, still, no adjustment is exactly the same - he pays close attention each and every time to subtle differences and developments. In the past he has helped me recover in record time from injuries and the "routine" maintenance enables me to approach my job(s) with comfort and efficiency. Also, his front desk rocks!

Customer since January 2010

Wing         Aug 2, 2012

Best Chiro Around!

Aaron is the best! He treats you holistically and looks not just at your body pain but your diet, exercise and other important aspects of your health and well being. I learn something new that helps me improve my health with each visit. So happy to have found him!!!

Customer since May 2011

Julie Emanuel          Jul 31, 2012

Aaron is a great chiropractor!

He helped me greatly with (of all things) foot pain that I had been dealing with for the past 18 years! Amazing!

Customer since July 2012

Sue Upton


Jun 27, 2012

Dr Ferguson is a great chiropractor!

Professional and knowledgeable, Dr Aaron fixed me up after an auto accident and keeps me in shape after any mishap!

Customer since June 2011

Katie F


Jun 19, 2012

Thank you!

I'd been suffering from a spasm in my neck that had been worsening over the past few days. I made an appointment with Adam at the recommendation of a friend. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get an appointment the same day. Adam listened to my concerns and issues with my neck and then proceeded to give me the best massage I've ever had!! I left the office pain free and with full range of restored.

Customer since June 2012

Doug Tilden

I've had the best experience with Dr. Aaron Ferguson for 12 years. He really helps promote great health. He really gets my body working and then I feel great. He takes away the stress and helps me breathe better. He's a caring and very smart doctor. It's like he works miricles!

Customer since June 2009

K.P.                     Apr 1, 2012

Best Crack in Town

I have gone to at least four different doctors for adjustments and Dr. Ferguson is by far my favorite of all time! The experience is never rushed and he makes sure you leave fully adjusted and educated. It is more like going to a full physical therapy session. The best!

Customer since December 2010

deborqah d


Jan 29, 2012

Chirocare is the best Chiropractic and promotes great health.

I have been going to Chirocare for 12 years and had pain in my back and the ajustment took the pain away for good. I get adjusted and feel great. Dr. Ferguson is a great guy and doctor and my experience is always great. You all need to go to him.

Customer since January 2012

Douglas Tilden     Dec 18, 2011

Finally !!!

I have been trying in vain to find someone who could really perform a deep tissue massage. Adam is great. He handles deep tissue better than most other therapists that I have tried and is vert knowledgeable about alignment and muscle interaction. Felt 100 times better after seeing him

Customer since December 2011

n.b.                 Dec 13, 2011

aaron is amazing

My hip has been hurting for a month or two. Stretching, massage... Nothing helped it. 20 minutes with Aaron yesterday and I'm pain free. Amazing. Thank you

Customer since February 2010

Viktoriya Zakharova          Nov 30, 2011

Aaron is amazing and fixed me and my family every single time!

Maybe I haven't been to a good chiropractor before Aaron, but I've never experienced a complete relieve after a chiropractic visit! With Aaron, however, every time I have a problem with my back, neck, shoulder - he always fixes me! He is truly amazing! Even my mom after seeing him, said that she could see better and her headache went away! He is also very good with relieving throat/nasal congestion! If you have an ear infection or any pain/swollen lymph nodes in your throat - go see Aaron!

Customer since November 2011

R.Y.           Nov 19, 2011

Complete Core Work

Dr. Ferguson is the type of doctor that won't just do a routine adjustment. He knows his patients as individuals. He is thorough in each session and really takes his time to make sure you are all taken care of and gotten your needs met. He completely healed my neck issues. The best chiropractor I have ever worked with.

Customer since May 2009

jonathan rossi


Oct 11, 2011

Walked in pain and started the road to recovery instantly

I was referred to Dr. Ferguson by a friend. I strained a muscle in my lower back and after 10 days of trying to stretch and "deal with it" I was starting to lose my mind a bit. Dr. Ferguson gave me a very thorough examination and carefully made the adjustments that he felt were necessary to open me up again. He also gave me detailed care instructions that greatly helped me as I tried to start moving like a functioning human again. I am excited to have a wonderful chiropractor! Thank you Dr!

Customer since October 2011

steve d               Sep 27, 2011

Always feel great when I see Dr. Ferguson

Been seeing Dr. Ferguson for almost 2 years now and would recommond to any friend w/ no hesitation. Cares about his patients dearly. He is not only about making your back, neck and shoulder pain go away but also interested living a healthier life w/ diet, exercising and stretching.

Customer since February 2010

Matt W


Sep 20, 2011

Wonderful Experience

Dr. Ferguson is wonderful at taking the time to assess your needs and help resolve your ails. On top of that, he is a great guy and makes the whole experience great.

Customer since June 2009

Rebecca S


Jun 14, 2011

Truly the best!

I've been going to chiropractors since I was quite young. When my favorite retired, I never thought I'd find one as effective for me. Dr. Ferguson is even better, and solves my alignment and related muscle issues often in just one visit. He's a good person as well. Such a find!

Customer since June 2009

Melissa A.


May 12, 2011

True Healer

Dr. Ferguson is a true healer. He has cured my sciatica, in just a couple visits broke up scar tissue that caused me pain for years, cured chronic headaches by releasing tension in my neck, fixed my back after a nasty fall down a flight of stairs, and otherwise is an integral part of my health. I would recommend him to anyone.

Customer since May 2011

Cortney Perizzolo             May 5, 2011

Feeling Great!

I was referred to Dr. Ferguson through a friend of mine and he has been great! I do a lot of lifting and have a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain which he has been able to explain and fix! He is able to explain and point out what is going on and then fix me!

Customer since February 2010

Jonathan D        Apr 23, 2011

fantastic chiropractic work

Dr. Ferguson gives exceptional care! Hands on treatment for 30 minutes, personable, friendly, very knowledgeable. He sets you at ease immediately. I've been to many chiropractors over the years, but Aaron stands out as the best.

Customer since April 2010

Robin A              Mar 3, 2011

Above and beyond!

Doctor Ferguson is way beyond your average Chiropractor.

 He employs many different disciplines when working on you.

 He cured my chronic 2 year bout with migraines when virtually no other practitioner imaginable could. It was nothing short of a miracle for me.

Customer since February 2010

Patty B


Feb 27, 2011

Wonderful Massage!

I go to Chirocare for massage with Veronica. She is spectacular. Should I need a Chiropractor, I would not hesitate to make an appt. with Dr. Ferguson.

Customer since September 2009

Jesse T                 Jan 4, 2011

Finally I can twist to the left!

Dr. Ferguson using both skill and patience is helping me to say goodbye to lower back pain that I thought was here to stay!! I will definitely refer my friends to him.

Customer since December 2010

Aaron C          Nov 17, 2010

Wow! Incredible every time

What a great experience every time! Veronica is magic with her massage - the best I have ever had. Dr. Ferguson always has me leaving in great shape and has great intuition in finding the source of the problem and correcting it

Customer since July 2009

Suzanne kavert       Oct 19, 2010

All better!

I've been going to Dr. Ferguson for years and leave there better then when I go in. He is always very attentive to my needs, explains my injuries and then fixes me!

Customer since December 2009

Debra Davidson             Oct 6, 2010

The Best Chiropractor and care.

Chirocare gives you the best care, promotes great health and well being, really a caring and wonderful person. Really gets your body moving and makes you feel great. They are the best! I've been going to Dr. Ferguson for 10 years, had a pain in my back and he adjusted me and I have'nt had the pain since.

Customer since June 2009

Lauren Haswell                Sep 25, 2010

the best!

I have been going to see dr. ferguson for about 5 years. would not go anywhere else. trust him enough to send my mom and friends to him. he can work magic.

Customer since September 2010

Steve D               Aug 24, 2010

Chrirocare Dr. Ferguson

Dr Ferguson has worked on my hip after having surgery and adjusted my back for over 6 monthes and finally getting back to normal routine. Would refer him most definitely. I

Customer since February 2010

Claire S            5Aug 11, 2010

highly recommend dr ferguson

dr ferguson was recommended to me by two trusted friends. i have found that he is a fantastic chiropractor. he was able to come to quick and accurate conclusions about my back pain- along with issues with my knee and ankle. after several visits i feel much better, if not 100%.

Customer since August 2010

Taren Hamilton          Jul 16, 2010

Recommend Highly

I have been seeing Dr. Ferguson for about 10 years for many different issues from PT for a shoulder dislocation to monthly check-ups on alignment. He not only knows and does excellent work on the body, chiropractics and physical therpy but he takes his time and is truely interested in his patients health - this makes great doctor.

Customer since April 2010

Tyson Maulhardt            Jun 24, 2010

Quality Chiropractic Care

I was having constant back pain and wasn't sure exactly why. Needing immediate attention, Dr. Ferguson was was able to fit me the next day. After explaining my previous ailments he gave the right adjustments and my back felt much better.

Customer since June 2010

Spencer Cole          Jun 19, 2010

Great Chiropractor!

Dr. Ferguson is a terrific chiropractor who is committed to bringing a truly holistic approach to his patients while also spending quality time with each to ensure that he tailors his treatments to each patients individual needs. Highly recommended!

Customer since June 2010

Morgan Camp MD.        Jun 16, 2010

Great Chiropractor

I am a physician and I have been to dozens of chiropractors over my life and Aaron is one of the best. He spends lots of time with each patient and is very good at what he does. I will recommend him to many friends and patients. He is highly recommended.

Customer since June 2010

Eric Schafer          Jun 15, 2010

Incredible Doctor

This guy is not one of those doctors that just cracks as many backs as possible and moves on. He looks at each patient and treats them based on their infividual needs. He cares for his patients. Have been a patient for many years and I recomend him to all of my friends. Not one of my friends has been unhappy with him. That is a good record. 

Customer since October 2009

Nina M S            Apr 12, 2010

Chirocare Chiropractic

I have been going to Veronica and Dr. Ferguson for a few years now. They are absolutely the best massage therapist and chiropractor I have been to in the city. Since they both know me well, they will communicate on my problem areas, such as my shoulders and upper back, and work together to fix them. It's amazing to have such skilled professional as my care givers. I highly recommend them.

Customer since April 2010

Josh Kyle              Mar 2, 2010

The Best

 Aaron is the best - takes time and very dedicated and very skilled. I have been to many chiropractors over the years so I know what I’m talking about.

Customer since May 2009

Sherri Parks        Feb 5, 2010

A fantastic start

I hadn't been to a chiropractor in almost ten years, (shame on me), and really needed help. I found Dr. Ferguson to be extremely thorough, attentive, gentle but firm and obviously knowledgable. He really took his time to find out what was needed for both present and future. I felt great about fifteen minutes after walking out the door WITHOUT a kink in my right side for the first time in months.

Customer since January 2010

Debra Davidson          Jan 23, 2010

Get the best chirocare chiropractic from Dr. Aaron Ferguson

Dr. Aaron is the best caring doctor and promotes health. He gives you the best adjustment and makes you feel great. I've been going to him for 10 years, had back pain and he adjusted my back and I have'nt had the pain since. I feel so great after seeing Dr. Aaron Ferguson and having the adjustment. Make an appointment with him and you will not regret it.

Customer since June 2009

Jeanmarie Boben             Dec 12, 2009

Great Chriopractor

Dr. Aaron knows his stuff. Gentle and effective in his style. I've seen him for a few sports related issues over the past 7 years and he's helped me return to activity each time. I'd highly recommend him.

Customer since December 2009

Adele zelinsky          Nov 30, 2009

Best chiropractor I've never experienced

I had a heavy, chronicle body problem. I almost abandan my body condition. Because I had done so many efforts to recover in vain. I have seen Dr. Aaron Ferguson 

 almost 5 months, and I'm almost sure that I will recover my heavy chronicle problem soon. I'm 50's already and I've suffered my problem almost 30 years. This is miraculous for me. 

 I really thank Dr. Aaron Ferguson.

Customer since May 2009

SDK                  Aug 15, 2009

Just what your back ordered

The place is clean and bright. Dr. Ferguson takes his time and checks all the joints and sensations. Thorough questioning and then work on where I say the pain is but also where he says it is coming from, which in my case was the other side. Well done.

Customer since August 2009

A. Lapointe           Jul 20, 2009


In addition to being easy to talk to, thorough & knowledgeable, Dr. Ferguson practices a more holistic approach to health care- which I not only find refreshing, but insightful. 

 I anticipate and trust his opinion implicitly.

Customer since July 2009

Debra Davidson        Jul 4, 2009

Dr. Ferguson is the best Dr. of Chiropractic.

Dr. Ferguson is the best Dr. of Chiropractic. I went to Dr. Ferguson 10 years ago with back pain and he adjusted my back and I have'nt had any pain for 10 years. He is a caring and loving man and promotes great health. He's very smart and knowledgeable.

Customer since June 2009

Dokleida Kawaja            5Jun 29, 2009

Dr. Ferguson and Veronica are among the best on the field

Initially I went to Dr. Ferguson with a pain level 10 (from a scale 1-10). I have been seeing both of them (Dr. Ferguson for my back and Veronica for my pre and post natal massages) for more than a year now and I can gladly say that my condition has improved a lot. They are both very professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Being a physician myself, my standards were very high but they have delivered above and beyond my expectations. I greatly recommend them.

Customer since May 2009


Matthew Gardner             Jun 26, 2009

Feeling No Pain

Really and truly. Since starting work with Dr. Ferguson about 6 months ago, my range of motion in my shoulder and back are greatly improved. I'm sleeping better and able to go about my work with a more positive outlook.

 Over the years I've worked with several Chiropractors; Dr. Ferguson is far and away the best.

Customer since June 2009

kasey Asberry          Jun 21, 2009

Dr Ferguson Keeps Me Walking

Dr Ferguson's therapy helps me immediately with pain during each treatment. He also has helped me in ongoing training and conditioning that I can do for myself so that I always see progress. He is very knowledgeable about and open to a wide range of therapies. Always encouraging!

Customer since June 2009

Matt Wiedle          Jun 18, 2009

Amazing and thorough

Dr. Ferguson is not only a caring doctor, but he is also amazingly thorough in each session, going over and working on every ache. One of the best chiropractors I have used.

Customer since June 200

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